How do the Proline Stadium Odds compare to Online Sportsbook odds?


The Proline Stadium Odds are much lower than the online sportsbook odds (or Las Vegas odds). By looking at the Proline Stadium Over / Under odds for any game you can easily see just how bad their odds are. The typical odds for an Over or Under on Proline Stadium is 1.70. The typical odds for an Over or Under in Las Vegas is 1.91. Add to this the fact that you must bet at least two games. Let's take a look at an example and see how the Proline Stadium Odds compare to the Vegas Odds.

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Let's assume we purchased a $25 four game Proline Stadium Totals ticket.

Our Proline Stadium Ticket would pay 1.70*1.70*1.70*1.70*$25 = $208.80

Let's assume we made that exact same bet at an online sportsbook (such as Bodog Canada).

Our wager at Bodog Canada would pay 1.91*1.91*1.91*1.91*$25 = $332.72

In this particular example Proline Stadium is shorting you $123.92 (more than 37%).

And the more games you bet the more money you lose with Proline Stadium.

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