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Why Proline Stadium Sucks


1. The biggest reason why Proline Stadium Sucks is because of its odds. The Proline Stadium Odds are so bad many experts say it is virtually impossible to win on Proline Stadium in the long run. Compare Proline Stadium's Odds to an Online Sportsbook's Odds Here: Odds Comparison

2. They don't allow you to bet single games. You are forced to bet at least two games. This further lowers your chances of winning in the long run (because it increases the overround or vig).

3. For many sports they have ties. For football your team needs to win by four points or more, in basketball your team needs to win by six points or more, and in baseball your team must win by two runs or more, or it is considered a tie. This even further reduces your chances of winning.

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4. Proline Stadium's game selection is limited. They do not offer first half bets, team totals bets, half-time bets, live betting, teaser betting, alternate lines betting or regulation time betting.

5. Proline Stadium does not offer UFC betting. (For the best UFC betting on the internet be sure to check out 5 Dimes Online Sportsbook. They offer 100's of props for each fight and even have live in-between rounds betting for every UFC event).

6. Proline Stadium does not offer you any sign-up bonuses. Just about every online sportsbook offers its players some rewards for playing. Check out some of the best online sportsbook bonuses here: Bonuses

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What is the Best Alternative to Proline Stadium?


Your best alternative to Proline Stadium is a Reputable Online Sportsbook.

How do I Sign-Up and Place a Bet at an Online Sportsbook?

1. First you have to choose an online sportsbook such as Bodog Canada or 5 Dimes Sportsbook.Simply click on any link above and it will take you to that online sportsbooks website. All sportsbooks listed above are the best of the best and we can tell you from personal experience that if you win you will get paid.

2. Next you have to create an account at the sportsbook. Let's assume you choose Bodog Canada. Click on the join button in the top right of the Bodog website. Fill in your name, address, and e-mail address, then create a password and you are ready to go. It is that easy.

3. To make a real money bet you have to fund your online sportsbook account. There are various ways of doing so. The easiest way to fund your sportsbook account is through Bodog and their Direct Bank Transfer. All you need is a chequing account. Simply enter an amount and fill in your banking details on the secure web page and that's it. It takes only a minute or two. Bodog also accepts deposits via Credit Card, Interac E-Transfer, Moneybookers, plus many more. See below for more information on depositing to an online sportsbook.

4. Now that your account is funded, click on the sport of your choice from the betting menu, select the team(s) you wish to bet on, and hope that your team(s) wins.

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How Do I Deposit Funds to an Online Sportsbook?


Bodog Canada offers an Interact e-Transfer option for Canadian players. It is 100% free to deposit, completely safe to use, and couldn't be simpler to do. The minimum deposit is just $25. Visit Bodog Canada for a complete list of all deposit / withdrawal options.

You can also fund your sportsbook account with most credit cards. Both Bodog Canada and 5Dimes have some of the highest credit card approval rates in the industry.

Bodog Canada is now accepting the digital currency Bitcoin. Details here: Bitcoin at Bodog

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Is it safe to bet sports at an online sportsbook?


Yes, it is completely safe to bet sports online as long as you know where to place your bets. There are many reputable online sportsbooks that have been accepting sports wagers for years and paying out the winners too. For example, Intertops is a popular choice for Canadian sports bettors. They were the first sportsbook ever to accept a wager over the internet. Intertops is currently offering a 25% sign-up bonus up to $100 or a Free $20 bet for new players. Bodog Canada is another popular choice for online sports bettors. Bodog has a great reputation and is known for never missing a payout in its many years in business. 5 Dimes Online Sportsbook is home to many professional sports bettors. With its high limits and reduced juice lines 5 Dimes is a great choice as well. And is quickly becoming a favorite for many online sports bettors. If you choose to bet with any of these online sportsbooks rest assured your funds are in good hands. Find more information on these sportsbooks here: Recommended Online Sportsbooks.



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